Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Let me know the corrections to make in my programs


As most of you have followed my programs in file structures lab, I'm very happy. But there were some minor corrections in the programs as some of our friends reported.

As most of you have also taken the print outs of my programs, I will post the corrections so that you can just mark in your print outs and the program will remain the same. The first program was not satisfying the question and the correct program was posted by Hardik on my blog ourmanish.blogspot.com

I need some help from you. Please debug my programs for various inputs and let me know about the corrections. Reply before sunday so that I can post the corrections to all.



  1. can u tel me if ur index and secindex prog is correct. because some ppl are telling we should use variable length and u have used fixed length rec.

  2. Both are correct and my index files are of variable lengths only. Records are of fixed length.