Tuesday, April 27, 2010

File Structures Lab

Hi friends,

I discovered recently that most of you are facing difficulties in File Structures Lab. It is also very difficult to memorise the programs. Keeping this in my mind, I have for you the programs written in a very simple style. These programs are comparatively shorter and are self explanatory.

Here is the link to download the lab programs. I have done all programs except B-trees and B+ trees. These 2 programs will be posted by next week.

And to your surprise, I am also making video tutorials for each lab program and also a video featuring Introduction to FS Lab. (5 + 1) videos are already finished and the links to them are below:

Introduction to FS Lab

1. Reversing the names

2. Fixed length records

3. Variable length records

4. RRN - Variable length

5. Index to primary key

One request i want to make is please study each program perfectly before moving to the next one. Watch the videos sequentially, starting from the first to the last, because the concepts are linked from the previous program to the next program.

The rest of the videos are under construction and will be posted soon. Sorry for the delay but I am in my hometown. Please do watch these and post me your comments and suggestions which I am eagerly waiting for.

Manish kumar