Saturday, May 1, 2010

FS Lab videos

Dear all,

I am very happy that my work on the video tutorials of FILE STRUCTURES LAB was greatly appreciated. Thanks to all.

But there are some corrections you need to make:
1. The sorting of the index files is mandatory and not optional as I have mentioned in the video. Even though the program will work well if the index file is not sorted, Divya madam told me that its mandatory.
2. There was a minor logical error in the "hashing" program, even though you are getting the output. I had skipped just one line in the retrieve case.
3. For the "linked list" program the file should not be opened in ios::app mode
You can download the updated programs by clicking here.
The old link to download will also link to the updated programs now.

Here are the the links to download the remaining video tutorials.

6. Index to secondary key
7. Co-sequential processing
8. K - way merge
11. Hashing
12. Reclaiming free space using linked list

I have also made a video of the making of these videos. If you are interested then here is the link to download the making
Making of FS videos

Please let me know your views and suggestions and errors if any.

Manish kumar

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