Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Computer Networks Lab

Here are the Computer Network Lab programs written by me. It includes all programs. Except hamming, all the programs are short and sweet.

Kindly verify the outputs before studying. I have verified the output on Ubuntu. Its running fine.


  1. Friends, I have updated RSA program and made it easy. I have kept old one also. 3, 4 and 5 are not my programs. I'll write them during externals. Verify the outputs yourself before studying.

  2. For the first program.
    Change ip msg to be of any length.
    We can then find the values of k and n.
    I think this is more flexible.


  3. hey u doin.... dese doesnt work in devc++, how cum?

  4. hey manish, can you give the explanation of your CRC program as to how it works........... i have traced the program, but i need a detailed explanation of the code.....
    please do reply......